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Fluffy Tree Planter Tote Bag

Fluffy Tree Planter Tote Bag

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Somewhere I read a funny statement that millions of trees are planted every year because squirrels forget where they hid their scavenged nuts.  So here's a squirrel eating a nut, and forgetting another he hid below.

This is m
y digitally drawn art.  No AI was used in the making of this art.


This item is shipped directly from my printer, so please know that although I would love to include a handwritten note in the package, I am unable to with this item.  Just know, that I am forever grateful for your support of my work.

* 100% Polyester
* Boxed corners
* Black inner stitching, transparent thread on hems.
* Black cotton handles
* With non-woven laminate inside



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